Tuesday, 3 April 2012

my daughter's horse, and the horse we gave to the dog
2011: Chippy and Horsey were almost the same size!
 First, the dog. She's so much fun. On Sunday, we had a bring-and-braai (cook-out)church social. One of the youngsters came home with us afterwards. We had brought bones, so we decided to show off how cute and smart is our dog. We made her sit and dance and she was duly admired. Then we had to show off Horsey because we had used the pink horse for Palm Sunday Sunday School lesson. So I took Horsey and put it on the laundry line. Usually, Chippy will sit below and whimper and jump for her friend, but apparently the smell of the bones was too distracting. So we gave her the bones and went inside.
A year ago, they were the same size and shape, just different colors
Fast forward to about an hour later, the two girls and I are in the kitchen when we hear this cheeping noise. Amy and I explain to our friend that's how the dog got her name, she cheeps. I assume my son is teasing her and will give her whatever she's begging for. But the cheeping doesn't stop so I go out to tell my teenager not to torture the dog with his teasing. And there she is, standing under the laundry line, staring at Horsey, and whimpering for her friend. Ooops!

Ligola's dress top-most, Amy's dress next, and the banner is the arm ruffles for the other six dresses to come
 I have gotten a healthy start on the anniversary dresses. They are all cut out, and all neck and shoulder seams are in. Tomorrow at hobby club I will pin in all the sleeve ruffles and the skirts for the babies and their mommas, or as much as I have time to do. It will be closer to winter when we wear them, so I got a long-sleeve tee-shirt for each of the little ones, but I still expect the African sun so they will also get sun hats which are so much easier to put on babies than the scarves their mommies will get.
Ligola's dress and sun hat
I need to be completely done by the 28th, so I have to do a bit every day.

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