Wednesday, 21 November 2012

the Christmas season begins

 I have been missing but not idle! I have been working on my tin curling for the Christmas craft fair.
 The 2 candle holders used to be cans of cream-style corn. I also did the candles. Writing on candles is an idea I got from my baptism candle where my name is written in gold leaf!
This is just written with a blunt needle, filled with craft paint, and the excess wiped off. I twisted a bit of wire through the red beads to attach them to the wax. 
 We also had a Christmas Carol evening. Here are some of my girls practicing, sorry for the blurriness, I shake it's to protect their privacy.
This picture is supposed to be last, I'm preparing my pumpkin to celebrate Thanksgiving at home. This pumpkin is from my mother-in-law, she grows them every year and thinks I'm crazy for appreciating them soooo much.
 We had our church Thanksgiving already, here is my special girl with her friends(it's not wine, it's Fanta Grape). . .
it was held in the school teacher's lounge.
Times have changed--I remember when the teacher's lounge was a nasty scary place where it was easy to believe the teachers were dragons because of the great clouds of smoke that billowed out whenever some luck-less child opened the door.

The school finishes final exams this week, so next week will be devoted to crafting. I still have that pre-holiday dream that my children will be cheerful industrious unpaid workers while I relax by the pool...

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