Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Funny songs went great. "the littlest worm" got a few giggles, but what they REALLY enjoyed was "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee". They're so funny, they asked for a church song. Luckily I had "Ho-ho-ho-hosanna" to offer them. They insisted they want to meet again this Friday even though it's school holiday, so I'm going with the flow. It's tough to think of an activity that will work just as well with 3 or 30 girls because I can't guess how many will show up. My biggest concern is to have all activities extremely cheap or better yet, FREE! So far, I'm thinking macrame bracelets made with strips cut from grocery store bags. If that doesn't work, the next cheapest is packaging rope. We could even color it with the stubby bits of crayon and the wax will make it easier to work.

On the sewing front, I have started cutting out the dresses I'm making for our anniversary. I'm making a top and skirt for myself and my 'bride's maid', two asymmetrical dresses (one for each of my name-sake's mom), a dress for my daughter(11), one for my 4-year old namesake and one for my 1-year old namesake. That's seven dresses, then another for my friend's 1-year old just because I so much enjoyed making her a dress when she was born. If all works out, the little ones will have matching sun-hats, too. Whew!

Tomorrow is Independence Day! What flavor for the Happy Birthday Namibia cake? Chocolate/vanilla swirl, of course. With the flag iced on top.

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