Friday, 16 March 2012

Today I will meet with my girls' club. The children in this town are very fortunate in their safety, in the generally Christian (I do mean Christian, not just church-going) attitude of the town.
 BUT! As the town has grown smaller and 'the company' has stopped paying for all the social interaction activities, our children have grown sheltered and naive. Most kid's activities are school-related and have to follow school restraints.
For example, I accompanied a school bus ride to the Capitol last year. The children behave what I would call a 'good normal'--minor disagreements, a bit of seat-hopping, generally peaceful and courteous. With no silly bus songs whatsoever. Church songs, yes. Pop songs, yes. No traditional silly songs for the entire 2-day trip.
So my goal this week is to find a few silly songs we can sing and hopefully make up a few about our town, school, and club.

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